31 5 / 2012

It’s episode 10 of Quinterviews, featuring Farraday. I hope the show doesn’t get canceled again.

08 8 / 2011

It’s the new episode of QUINTERVIEWS, featuring my first CARTOON guest! Yep, he’s a fictional and muscular guy named TEXAS from the beloved internet cartoon TEXAS TOAST! You obviously can check out all the Texas Toast episodes at http://twomilksmedia.blogspot.com , but OBVIOUSLY the more important thing right now is that we get a TON of REBLOGS and YOUTUBE COMMENTS on this Quinterview so the show doesn’t get CANCELLED! This is a great episode, and it also features my great bud BRENDAN WALTER of VALENCIA!

03 8 / 2011

It’s episode EIGHT of Quinterviews, featuring my great buddy BRENDAN WALTER from VALENCIA! He does a great job, and I also have TWO FEMALE GUESTS in one episode! That’s right, Casey and Alexis do a GREAT JOB on the SHOW! I hope you enjoy this extra special episode!!!

01 8 / 2011

It’s an unbelievable new episode of QUINTERVIEWS featuring my best friend JOEY DERUGERIIS from the band Ritter! He does a great job on the SHOW. Listen to me QUINTERVIEW him, and watch it too. Special surprises included!

31 7 / 2011

It’s episode 6 of Quinterviews, in which I have my FIRST EVER FEMALE GUEST. She broke through the Quinterview sex barrier and became the first ever female on the show - she’s SARAH CARSON! Not only does she say cool things, but she also DATES ME which is GREAT.

Obviously this episode also features my best bud in the world JACK O’SHEA.

29 7 / 2011

Its the FIFTH episode of the best show on TV! It features my GREAT bud Cory Muro. He’s a great drummer, and sometimes he’s CONTROVERSIAL. It also features a cameo from Jack O’Shea from the band Bayside. Why wouldn’t it?

27 7 / 2011

It’s the 4th episode of QUINTERVIEWS, featuring my best bud Jack O’Shea from Bayside! He tells an animal tale and discusses how to fix a washing machine. Plus he says some other cool things, straight from Arkansas!

24 7 / 2011

Its the brand new episode of QUINTERVIEWS featuring my GOOD bud JB! He is in the band Bright and Early. He was so controversial on my show the first time, but then we re-filmed the episode so that it would be accepted by society. This episode is what America is all about.

21 7 / 2011

In this second BEAUTIFUL episode of Quinterviews, i quinterview my great bud Nick “Nightbeast” Testa. He was in my computer and he talks about writing songs and inspiration. He also says “that’s awesome” a bunch of times. He has a cool laugh. This episode also features a very touching tribute to an NBA legend.

21 7 / 2011

In my first GORGEOUS episode, I QUINTERVIEW the very cool and talented Paul Menotiades. He talks about quasars and teaches me how to smoke. I’m not that good at smoking yet, but I don’t plan on ever being good at it. You’ll be SHOCKED to hear what his favorite color is!