31 5 / 2012

It’s episode 10 of Quinterviews, featuring Farraday. I hope the show doesn’t get canceled again.

08 8 / 2011

It’s the new episode of QUINTERVIEWS, featuring my first CARTOON guest! Yep, he’s a fictional and muscular guy named TEXAS from the beloved internet cartoon TEXAS TOAST! You obviously can check out all the Texas Toast episodes at http://twomilksmedia.blogspot.com , but OBVIOUSLY the more important thing right now is that we get a TON of REBLOGS and YOUTUBE COMMENTS on this Quinterview so the show doesn’t get CANCELLED! This is a great episode, and it also features my great bud BRENDAN WALTER of VALENCIA!

21 7 / 2011

In my first GORGEOUS episode, I QUINTERVIEW the very cool and talented Paul Menotiades. He talks about quasars and teaches me how to smoke. I’m not that good at smoking yet, but I don’t plan on ever being good at it. You’ll be SHOCKED to hear what his favorite color is!